Our Adults

Our Adults

Mini Fairytail Golden Retrievers adults used in our breeding program.


  • Wild Fire

    Wild Fire

    Introducing WildFire

    Wildfire, loves spending lots of time outdoors as the breeze blows through his long dashing coat and eye catching featherings.He loves chumming with others and running about outside.He has a wonderful personality and his energy level is a nice moderate.His wonderful personality and temperment make him so enjoyable to introduce to new people and his stunning stature and coat demand people`s attention .

    Wildfire, is such a breeze to care for and have around ,his easily content attitude adds to his Wonder !

    Even though his coat is a bit longer it is still pretty straight ,with wavys,constant brushing is not necessary and his shedding level is at a nice low /moderate and we hope that genes always gets passed down to his puppies.

    WildFire is about 31 pounds and 17.5 inches tall.

    Lets dive right into his genetics

    Wildfire was tested for 220 genetic conditions!

    He has 1 copy of Ichthyosis ,Ictl 1 but he is not affected as he would have to have 2 copies for him to be affected which means he is only a carrier and with careful breeding NONE of his puppies will ever be affected with Ichthyosis , Ictl 1 . All the other 219 genetic results are negative and he is not even a carrier.

    So what is Ichthyosis, Ictl1?

    It’s a skin disorder than an affected dog displays thick, darkly pigmented scales of skin on their nose, paw pads, and muzzles.


    About 45 of 100 Golden Retrievers!

    WildFire`s Puppies

    WilFire has produced such wonderful puppies and indeed his dense colored coat usually shows up in his offsprings his longer coat doesnt seem to though.His puppies have good temperments ,he is producing playful little boys and girls and cute as a button. 

    DOB: 06/10/2020

    Weight: 28 lbs

  • Aladdin


    21 inches

    DOB: 01/15/2022

    Weight: 23 lbs

  • Thor


    Thor has an almost white coat and fluffy ears. He loves to be around people and being outdoors where he can run and have fun.

    Thor’s coat is pretty flat and he has a honey pot of gold personally. He is pretty active but not crazy and loves to be petted and being talked to. 
    Thor is 21 pounds and 14” at the shoulder making him a great size to breed to our Mini Goldens . 

    DOB: 06/22/2022

    Weight: 24 lbs


  • Kasey



    Kasey’s , embark test results show ALL CLEAR for genetic diseases!

    DOB: 05/17/2021

    Weight: 40 lbs

  • Scarlet


    DOB: 05/05/2022

    Weight: 23 lbs

  • Monti


    Monti, is one of my favorite Mini Golden females as her size is so perfect,about 17 inches at the shoulder and like 31 pounds .

    She is so attractive with her straight Golden coat but soft to your touch and overall very Golden like features which is what makes her all the more attractive .She is the kind of dog that will grab peoples attention at  parks,hiking trips,stores ,and well basically everwhere .

    Monti ,loves being outside in the grass ,running around enjoying herself and hanging out with her dog friends,when it comes to us she loves to be talked to and believe me her tail is flying around with excitement.Monti, has a super people friendly personality and she passes that on to her baby`s.

    Monti is Genetic Tested!

    Monti, is genetic tested for 220 genetic conditions!

    Monti  has 1 copy of (Type 1 IVDD) which in some breeds like Beagles,Cocker Spaniels, Dashshunds, among other breeds NEARLY ALL DOGS IN THOSE BREEDS HAVE IT! But Monti is not affected as she only has 1 copy and is simply a carrier .

    Monti has 1 copy of (PRA-prcd)

    Which is None painful vision loss!

    But Monti is not affected as she is again merely a carrier and with careful breeding NONE of her puppies will ever be affected with it !Approximately 50% of  her puppies will be carriers but NONE will be affected since they have to have 2 copys to become affected.

    All the other 218 Genetic diseases came back ALL CLEAR !

    Monti`s Puppies

    Monti`s puppies ,are usually medium to dark red in color and they usually favor the full Golden Retriever straight relaxed side as well.

    They love being around people and definitely love to play ,lick you,and indulge in their puppy life with following you around to get some more of your attention or exploring ,getting treats,or going for a ride on the 4 wheeler.

    We work to make that their life with us makes it easy for them to adjust when the time comes for you to take them home.

    DOB: 06/03/2021

    Weight: 31 lbs

  • Lizzie


    Introducing Lizzie,

    Lizzie is a full blooded Golden Retriever and she weighs about 60 pounds so she is not huge but still a standard size.

    Lizzie likes to be outdoors going on a walk exploring and sniffing around and she likes to get chin rubs .

    Lizzie has a good temperment and a gentle touch when interacting with us which makes her better for kids and a laid back sort of envirement.

    Lizzie comes from AKC bloodlines and we used to own her father before rehoming him. Lizzie being a full Golden does shed quite a bit but with breeding her to 1 one of mini males we are hoping to cut that shedding down quite a bit in her puppies.

    I would say Lizzie`s energy level is like a 4 or 5 out of 10 so if your looking for a puppy more on the laid back side you may want to consider one of her puppies to become part of your family today.

    Lizzie`s genetic results are back !

    Lizzie inherted 1 copy of Ichthyosis ,ICH1

    which is a skin disorder that affects that can affect the nose,pawpads,and muzzle but since she only inherted 1 copy she will never be affected and with careful breeding none of her puppies will ever be affected.

    Lizzie`s first litter is born and what a bunch of cuties!

    We expect her puppies to have wonderful personalities and temperments,we expect them all to be good in a family envirement and we hope you will join our Golden family today.

    DOB: 01/11/2021

    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Honey


    Honey Bunny

    AkA Honey is one of the Most Darling dark red girls we have.

    She loves Hugs and Face massages 

    she also enjoys running after birds and checkout new places.

    She has a Fabulous Personality which is what we want for our mommy’s

    she is not a hyper girl but still loves to have fun ,doing zoomies and checking to see if any moving leafs are alive and hanging with her girlfriends. 

    She grabs Attention every where she goes with her Gorgeous color and Amazing conformation.She is nice size at 43 pounds and 20 inches at the shoulder .

    We are so Glad to have her in our Family and We can’t wait for you to be a part of our mini golden family too.

    DOB: 06/15/2022

    Weight: 43 lbs

  • Tiana



    Let talk about her Amazing personality she is super laidback and intelligent she loves chasing leafs and sitting on My (anyone’s) lap and of course getting treats .She enjoys going on walks and being told how Gorgeous she is.She is a very quiet dog with big beautiful eyes she is super gentle with everyone she meets and does Great with her bathes and brushes. We are Super Excited that she a part of our family.

    She is a medium Golden and is a very nice size 28 pounds and 15 inches at the shoulder.

    DOB: 03/15/2023

    Weight: 28 lbs

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