Our Adults

Our Adults

Mini Fairytail Golden Retrievers adults used in our breeding program.


  • Fire Ball (retired)

    Fire Ball (retired)


    Is our oldest Mini Golden Retriever and he has been an AMAZING guy and we have had such a wonderful experience with having him join our Golden family from a young pup.FireBall ,is soon to be retired due to his age but FireBall,has made many families happy ,brought smiles to their faces ,and helped many kids laugh and grow up with great memories .

    FireBall , is slowing down now but he loved to outside running about ,chumming with his girlfriends ,and enjoying his life meeting new families looking to adopt one of his babys .

    He is such a Blessing to our family and are happy that we were able to share that Blessing with so many families!

    FireBall,is such an easy dog to care for ,his coat is so easy to maintain, and he is such a patient guy when its time to brush his hair or do a physical .

    FireBall`s Genetics

    FireBall , has been tested with Wisdom Panel for 29 genetic conditions and his results were ALL CLEAR!

    DOB: 10/15/2016

    Weight: 38 lbs

  • Wild Fire

    Wild Fire

    Introducing WildFire

    Wildfire, loves spending lots of time outdoors as the breeze blows through his long dashing coat and eye catching featherings.He loves chumming with others and running about outside.He has a wonderful personality and his energy level is a nice moderate.His wonderful personality and temperment make him so enjoyable to introduce to new people and his stunning stature and coat demand people`s attention .

    Wildfire, is such a breeze to care for and have around ,his easily content attitude adds to his Wonder !

    Even though his coat is a bit longer it is still pretty straight ,with wavys,constant brushing is not necessary and his shedding level is at a nice low /moderate and we hope that genes always gets passed down to his puppies.

    WildFire is about 31 pounds and 17.5 inches tall.

    Lets dive right into his genetics

    Wildfire was tested for 220 genetic conditions!

    He has 1 copy of Ichthyosis ,Ictl 1 but he is not affected as he would have to have 2 copies for him to be affected which means he is only a carrier and with careful breeding NONE of his puppies will ever be affected with Ichthyosis , Ictl 1 . All the other 219 genetic results are negative and he is not even a carrier.

    So what is Ichthyosis, Ictl1?

    It’s a skin disorder than an affected dog displays thick, darkly pigmented scales of skin on their nose, paw pads, and muzzles.


    About 45 of 100 Golden Retrievers!

    WildFire`s Puppies

    WilFire has produced such wonderful puppies and indeed his dense colored coat usually shows up in his offsprings his longer coat doesnt seem to though.His puppies have good temperments ,he is producing playful little boys and girls and cute as a button. 

    DOB: 06/10/2020

    Weight: 31 lbs

  • Zahir


    DOB: 07/02/2021

    Weight: 60 lbs


  • Attina



    Loves to enjoy the many adventures the outdoors bring from relaxing while enjoying the cool breeze , following me around the yard,exploring the woods,and chasing after butterflys.She loves to indulge in human attention,getting her treats ,and putting her paws up on you to really get that attention she craves.

    Attina`s energy level is a nice moderate and her temperment is AWESOME .

    She is a Mini Goldendoodle and that is why her coat is a bit more curly ,looking at her nose and legs expecially are actually naturally short haired and her overall body does not need hair cuts at all so she did inherit that from the Golden Retriever side.

    Attina ,is a Mini Goldendoodle,she is about 19 inches tall and 35 pounds, which is a wonderful size for our lifestyle and she is a nice convenient size to where she can keep up with you and small enough to pickup if you want.She loves hanging around her dog friends and her personality makes her such a wonderful part of our Golden family.

    So if you adopt a puppy from her ,what should you expect?

    You should get ready for a playful puppy to brighten your life,they love to engage with us ,play with leaves ,carry toys around ,and of course good personalities .If Attina is bred to a Full Golden like Zahir her puppies will overall have more of the Golden like coat than if she were bred to either FireBall or WildFire and the colors may range a little but overall on the darker side vs light .Sizes will vary with every indiviual puppy same as all the other litters.

    DOB: 11/30/2020

    Weight: 35 lbs

  • Blossom



    Blossom , is tested for 220 genetic conditions!

    Blossom , has 1 copy of Ichthyosis, ICH 1 but she is not affected as she would have to have 2 copies to possibly in the future become affected .

    She is only a carrier and with careful breeding NONE of her puppies will ever be affected with Ichthyosis, ICH 1.

    So what is Ichthyosis, ICH 1?

    Its a skin disorder that an affected dog displays think, darkly pigmented scales of skin on their nose, foot pads, and muzzles.

    How common is ( Ichthyosis, ICH 1) in Golden Retrievers ?

    About 45 out of 100 

    Blossom , is also a carrier of  (PRA-prcd) which means she only has 1 copy and will never be affected or any of her puppies with careful breeding. 
    A dog affected with (PRA-prcd ) will experience none painful vision loss!

    The other 218 genetic conditions came back  negative!

    DOB: 12/26/2021

    Weight: 42 lbs

  • Adella


    Introducing Adella,

    Adella,loves to engage in the outdoors,walking about checking things out and consuming our presence.

    Adella ,has a heart of GOLD and her personality and temperment are Wonderful! which makes her such a baby to have in our Golden family and for our other dogs to bond with end enjoy.

    She has her moments where she enjoys running,and exploring but sometime I feel she would be just as content to relax,crawl in your lap,be held,talked to ,that sorta thing. Adella,is a Mini Goldendoodle and a sister to Attina.She is about 35 pounds and 18 inches tall.

    Her dark coat is almost like a scarlet red type color and yes,even with her being a Goldendoodle ,NO haircuts needed all year round.

    If you adopt one of her babys than expect~

    Lots of playtime,snuggles,and adventurous little life brightener with a  wonderful personality and a wonderful little baby to introduce to your best friends or to complete strangers at the park or wherever you may be.Expect your puppy to be curious and expect to go on puppy adventures.Size and coat may vary with each individual puppy.

    DOB: 11/30/2020

    Weight: 35 lbs

  • Heidi



    Is a full Blooded Golden Retriever with such a gentle and meek personality ,which makes her such a great dog to introduce to babys and small kids.

    Heidi is a BIG fan of toys and bones , she loves enjoying herself outside laying in the grass,soaking up the sunshine and soft breeze and she loves to be talked to in a baby voice ,toy in mouth,tail wagging,as she runs towards you.

    Heidi is overall quite mallow which makes her a patient ,caring Mom, for your puppy to spend time with in the first stage of his or her life ,making that your puppy gets started out with the Right paw forward. Heidi is like 20 inches tall and 57 pounds which is a wonderful size for a full blooded Golden.

    Lets dive a bit deeper in details about Heidi

    Heidi’s , embark testing shows ALL CLEAR for all 220 genetic conditions making her an even Greater candidate to adopt your puppy from.

    Now lets see what her puppies are like

    With muliple litters born already Heidi has proven that her puppies are people lovers,playful,and healthy.

    Her puppy colors come usually in variety of shades and faces like cute as barbie dolls. Coat type may vary in her puppies but overall quite Golden like as she is a full Golden but we are still hopeful for less shedding.Her puppies are smart and seem to be real easy to train which makes your and your puppy`s life easier and smoother.

    DOB: 08/01/2018

    Weight: 57 lbs

  • Jasmine



    Jasmine’s , embark test results show ALL CLEAR for genetic diseases!

    DOB: 05/17/2021

    Weight: 40 lbs

  • Nova


    Lets talk about Nova the Barbie Doll

    She is our smallest Mini Golden Retriever as she comes in at about 26 pounds with an absolute beautiful coat and color.

    Let me tell you,she is not just about relaxing ,she like to have her world of fun and excitement ,she is definitely a people dog and enjoys running,jumping,and being her ornery self ,I would say she is more energetic than an average Golden but she is not into damaging things though .

    She loves to play with your fingers ,going on walks,4 wheeler rides,and getting treats.Her looks and features are so Golden like along with a super duper size for convenience and Nova ,is not a big barker or shedder ,given she is Golden Retiever mix so she naturally does shed a little.

    Nova are so excited to have Nova in our Golden family and we hope you will join us today.

    Lets look at the genetic side 

    Nova`s puppies

    Are definitely averaging smaller than most of our puppies and her first litter she was breed to FireBall and she had a nice variety of colors.

    Her puppies love attention and interacting with people.when breed to FireBall their coats were pretty straight with wavy ears .

    DOB: 08/15/2020

    Weight: 26 lbs

  • Kida


    Kida, is a full blooded Golden Retriever weighing approximately 57 pounds and about 22" tall so she is on the smaller side making her an even better match to breed for MINI Golden Retriever puppies.

    She has a good personality and temperment ,making her good with kids and small toddlers.

    She loves to hangout outside in the grass,go for walks ,chewing on sticks and branches.Kida,loves to run with outside in the yard with us and checking out the things she is curious about.Kida`s energy level I would say is about a 4 out of 10 making her low to moderate .

    With Kida`s amazingness ,we are excited to announce that she has puppies and we look forward to offer them for adoption to your family today.

    Full Golden Retrievers are high shedding dogs and Kida does shed but maybe not quite as much as some other Goldens I have come across.

    So what should you expect when you adopt one of Kida`s babies?

    Well first off we want you to expect love of fun and excitement as your puppy adadts to your family and friends.

    Of couse we expect great personalities,temperments,and we expect your puppy to be great with kids .

    We want your puppy to adopt to you along with your family and lifestyle easly and comfortably so we strive to make that your puppy is socialized and ready to engage with friends and strangers you meet along the way along with activities that your family enjoys.

    Size and color are subject to vary .

    DOB: 07/23/2021

    Weight: 57 lbs

  • Lizzie


    Introducing Lizzie,

    Lizzie is a full blooded Golden Retriever and she weighs about 60 pounds so she is not huge but still a standard size.

    Lizzie likes to be outdoors going on a walk exploring and sniffing around and she likes to get chin rubs .

    Lizzie has a good temperment and a gentle touch when interacting with us which makes her better for kids and a laid back sort of envirement.

    Lizzie comes from AKC bloodlines and we used to own her father before rehoming him. Lizzie being a full Golden does shed quite a bit but with breeding her to 1 one of mini males we are hoping to cut that shedding down quite a bit in her puppies.

    I would say Lizzie`s energy level is like a 4 or 5 out of 10 so if your looking for a puppy more on the laid back side you may want to consider one of her puppies to become part of your family today.

    Lizzie`s genetic results are back !

    Lizzie inherted 1 copy of Ichthyosis ,ICH1

    which is a skin disorder that affects that can affect the nose,pawpads,and muzzle but since she only inherted 1 copy she will never be affected and with careful breeding none of her puppies will ever be affected.

    Lizzie`s first litter is born and what a bunch of cuties!

    We expect her puppies to have wonderful personalities and temperments,we expect them all to be good in a family envirement and we hope you will join our Golden family today.

    DOB: 01/11/2021

    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Ginger


    Hi Im Ginger but just call me Ginger Bear,

    Ginger Bear ,is a wonderful little girl with a super personality and temperment .Its almost like she craves attention ,she is  a people person .

    She loves to be outside running about rolling in the grass,checking things out and exploring.She is the type of dog that she makes herself at home and if your lap is open she may just crawl right into it.

    Her size and personality make her great for small kids and we expect that to be passed down to all of her babies as well.Ginger Bear is such a sweetheart and she loves her puppies and takes great care of them.

    She is a Mini Goldendoodle and at about 22 pounds and very fine featured.

    Ginger`s genetic results are back and GOOD NEWS! 

    Her testing results show clear for all 220 tested genetic conditions.

    She is so well mannered and has a heart of Gold!

    Ginger Bear`s coat is very easy to mantain and her shedding I would say is about a 1 out of 10 and energy level 5 out of 10 so (moderate).

    So what can you expect when adopting a puppy from Ginger`s litter!

    So first off that may depend on which male she is breed to but I will try and give you an idea.

    First off a great personality,loving,playful, on average 20 to 35 pounds depending on the Dad and a shedding level of about 2 out of 10 which is a very nice change if your used to clean hair from a full Golden or are just not wanting a lot of hair to clean up.

    DOB: 06/26/2020

    Weight: 22 lbs

  • Leah


    Introducing Leah,

    You may be like "Wow"!

    And you would be correct when looking and talking about Leah its Wow!

    Her pretty face is and personality is eye catching and we hope her puppies will be inherit the wonders of their Mommy. Leah , is a full blooded Golden Retriever and like the typical Golden she loves attention and being loved.She has a great personality and temperment which really makes makes her such a wonderful girl to have in our Golden family.Her coat is pretty standard,Golden,relaxed,and  and of course being a Golden she does shed.

    Leah, is a content girl with a pretty laid back personality which her energy level is about a 4 to 5 out of 10 I would say.

    Leah,is a wonderful girl to introduce to friends,stangers,small kids,and other dogs which is the typical Golden we like when adding to our family and we hope you will add one of her babies to your family real soon.

    Leah,is not genetic tested but no health issuses have been found by our vet.

    DOB: 04/25/2018

  • Elsa


    Elsa is a wonderful girl ,she has a big heart and she loves to interact with people weither your her best friend or the stranger that showed up ,she wants your attention and to be your best friend.Elsa has such a calm and relaxed personality which makes her great to introduce to strangers and for small kids to play with.Her temperment is great too and she gets along well with others.Elsa is approx.18.2 inches at the shoulder and about 40 pounds,her build is well similar to a Golden but definitely smaller with a chubby side .

    Elsa`s coat is very similar and actually almost identical to that of full blooded Golden Retriever. Elsa likes to wag her tail ,go on a walk and stopping to get a few love pats,she likes to have a bit of fun outdoors but I would say her energy level is about a 3 or 4 out of 10.

    We have not done genetic testing on her personally but her Dad has some testing done.NO health issues have shown up and she seems to have no issuses with keeping on good weight but more likely to be on the chubby side.

    I can recommend her to kids that want to pet a dog for their first time and her gentleness is superb for such ocassions.

    WE expect her puppies to be a variety of sizes with a small range of colors .We hope all of her puppies inherit her personality and stay close to her size or smaller.

    DOB: 07/15/2018

    Weight: 40 lbs

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