Puppy Development in Mini Golden Retrievers

Puppy Development in Mini Golden Retrievers

Development at Birth

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at Birth

We can all agree that newly born puppies are adorable! Immediately following birth, Mini Golden Retrieves have the newborn look with their eyes closed and are not very active. They are born with the signature golden coat and will spend most of their time sleeping or eating.

Development 3 weeks+

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 3 Weeks

After a few weeks of age, the Mini Golden Retriever puppies have grown and their eyes are opening. At this stage, they are just barely walking but it won’t be long before they are running and playing with their littermates.

At this time their first 2 vaccinations are usually administered and your Mini Golden Retriever puppy is given at least one deworming treatment.

The puppies start getting slightly more active but they might still be slightly wobbly while walking around. Their first bark can be heard but often times they will not be making much noise.

Development at 8 weeks+

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 8 Weeks

At around 8 weeks old (which is about the time you will be wanting to take your Mini Golden Retriever puppy home) your puppy will have developed beautifully! Take a look at this picture to give you an idea of what to expect and check out our photo galleries to see many examples of Mini Golden Retrievers!

At this stage, you are definitely seeing growth and typically the puppies are fully weaned by this time. They are now quite a bit more active; they are starting to tussle with each other and are enjoying their life.

By interacting with them daily, giving them attention, and talking to them, the puppies are usually quite socialized and love wagging their tail.

At 8 weeks another vaccination round is given and your Mini Golden Retriever puppy is dewormed. Of course, they have found their voice and started barking to communicate with you and their littermates. Usually, the puppies just start wagging their tails like crazy when they want attention as the Mini Golden Retrievers are typically not big barkers.

Development at 12+ Weeks

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 12 Weeks

Once the Mini Golden Retriever puppies enter into the age range of about 12 weeks, your puppy will have changed quite a bit! They will be growing fast.

At this point, we like to have most or all of our Mini Golden Retriever puppies adopted to their new home and be well adjusted to their families.

Potty training might be done by now or well underway along with some tricks and commands being taught.

The new family will have introduced their new Mini Golden Retriever puppy to their vet by this time to get them familiar with their new doctor. By now the puppies can run quite fast and sleep through the night without waking you unless you need to take him/her outside to go potty. This is one of the most enjoyable stages of puppy development; your puppy's personality will be shining and you'll be well on your way to having a fur-ever best friend!

Development at 16+ Weeks

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 16 Weeks

By the time your Mini Golden Retriever puppy is 16 weeks old, you will start to notice more maturity but don't worry! There will still be that puppy playfulness and orneriness that'll keep you laughing.

At this point, your Mini Golden Retriever pup is probably well settled in and in a daily routine. Of course, by now you'll definitely notice it takes a bit more food to keep your puppy full than it did to start with! Your puppy might be given another vaccination along with the rabies vaccination at their next trip to the vet to keep them safe from dangerous diseases.

From camping trips to having your friends over, your Mini Golden Retriever puppy should fit in quite well and be an amazing companion.

Your pup should have no problem at all sleeping through the night unless you need to let him/ her outside for potty depending on your routine.

Developement at 5 months+

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 5 Months

By 5 months old you are definitely starting to see a mature side to your Mini Golden Retriever puppy.

The color of your puppy when born will be pretty similar to what it looks like at this age stage but it may be slightly darker. Not all puppies are the same! Some have a dark golden coat, some have a light cream. All are beautiful!

At this age, you might be thinking that your pup is definitely starting to feel like a small adult and the puppy playfulness might be seen less but don’t worry - your Mini Golden Retriever pup/dog will still want to play and be part of the action.

By now you can have taught your Golden pup all kinds of things (sit, stay, down, shake, etc.) and he/she should be listening to commands quite well depending on how often you are doing training sessions.

Development at 6 Months+

Puppy Development: Mini Golden Retrievers at 6 months

By 6-9 months of age, your Mini Golden Retriever dog is maturing into an adult and it’s time to consider spaying or neutering them.

Your dog is part of your family and needs to be vaccinated yearly for Parvo and Rabies per your vet's suggestion.

By maturity, we like to see them about 33 to 42 pounds so that you still have the desired disposition of a Golden Retriever on a smaller scale. We like to think Mini Golden Retrievers are more suitable for families and individuals who need the convenience of a smaller dog but the personality of a large one!

Please note: Not all Mini Golden Retriever puppies grow to the same size or at the same speed. Our puppy development stages are to give you an idea of what your puppy may look like as he or she grows.

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